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Nice Record, John

January 13, 1985

John Fogerty's new record is real nice, just exactly like most of his old records, which were real nice; a classic, ridiculously simple guitar solo composed of licks that had been established before John was born, some down-home lyrics and a nice beat.

So why is your Mr. Robert Hilburn running around in circles and waving his yahoo flag over what he terms a "captivating display of pure rock vision" ("Fogerty's Nightmare Is Over," Jan. 6)?

Why does everything Hilburn likes have to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and everything he's not crazy about be a blot against mankind?

It's fascinating how Fogerty's recycled guitar licks are "bristling with artistic rebirth" to Hilburn, but any given hard-rock band's style that is based on something already recorded is "tired and rehashed." Your Mr. Hilburn quite clearly has a problem with objectivity and moderation (often called "maturity" when used together). Why do you allow him to use your paper as a soapbox at our expense?

LINDA BARTON Glendale I cannot adequately put into words the joy I experienced when I read Hilburn's interview with John Fogerty (Calendar, Jan. 6). As have most of my fellow Fogerty fans, I have waited, more or less patiently, over the last 10 years for a new album and/or interview from the man.

Well, within two days time, I got both.

JOHN McELLIGOTT JR. Fullerton HAH HAH In In reference reference to to the the consensus consensus Top Top 15 15 albums albums for for 1984 1984 (Dec. 30) (Dec. 30), who who are are The The The The?? GARY GARY NITTOLY NITTOLY San San Diego Diego The The is Matt Johnson ; Pop scholars think he may have lifted the name from The Mamas and the Papas .

MOOSEHEADS Me and my friend Craig (he's a year older than me) like to watch TV a lot and we remember Rocky and Bullwinkle real good. When we saw the Calendar article ("Bullwinkle: Still Amoosing at 25," by Charles Solomon, Nov. 18) that said it wasn't on TV in L.A., we were sad.

But only for a minute, because we remembered we were television executives and could get Moose and Squirrel and put it back on the TV, so that's what we did. Now on Sundays we got "Bullwinkle" at 10 a.m. and "Rocky and His Friends" at 10:30.

Thanks to Calendar for the smart idea and to Jay Ward and his buddies for making such swell shows.

CRAIG HAFFNER Program Director, KABC-TV MACK ANDERSON Assistant Program Director PALM STINGS Re: "A Palm Springs Scrapbook" (by Paul Rosenfield, Dec. 30):

Mama and Magda Gabor as Palm Springs society? Hah! Sure! And how about Tina Turner for our Ambassador to the U.N. and Pia Zadora for the Nobel Peace Prize?

E. E. LACEWALL Palm Springs Hollywood tinsel belongs on the trees--leave our cacti alone.

TRACY DORRANCE Rancho Mirage COMPARABLE WORTH It was nice to see that The Times managed to tear one of its music critics away from her Springsteen records long enough to review Huey Lewis and the News' Dec. 28 show at the Forum ("Lewis, News Prove to Be Good Sports," by Connie Johnson, Dec. 31).

While it was a good review, it's unfortunate that Johnson could not refrain from the inevitable comparison to you-know-who. Lewis and his band are talented, engaging performers who provide a refreshing alternative in rock for those of us who find Springsteen completely overrated.

NOEL A. DAVI Glendale INSULTING NO. 1 Terry Atkinson's choice of "Two Tribes" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood as No. 1 Video of the Year flabbergasted me ("The Year Music Videos Became Entertainment," Dec. 30).

I like political satire (e.g., "It's a Mistake" by Men at Work on the same subject is marvelous), but found the original "Tribes" video mediocre at best; the five-minute version that Atkinson considers "even better" is an abomination, the epitome of bad taste, and an insult to various world political figures.

JACQUELYN DOHERTY Woodland Hills TV HATE Has Patricia ("I Think TV Is Great") Haley (Calendar letters, Dec. 30) had a lobotomy? I am not intrigued by "Dallas," "Dynasty," "Falcons Crest"--sickened and disgusted, yes. But intrigued? No.

There isn't a device sensitive enough to measure how little I care for that moronic drivel. God help families raised by vidiot mothers. Long live cinema and PBS!

GREG SPIKA Long Beach AMENDMENT NO. 1 In response to Allen Williams' letter (Jan. 6) calling a previous letter-writer "the dumbest human being on the face of the Earth" for thinking Julian Lennon "is more talented than John ever was":

Williams goes on to say that Calendar is second dumbest for printing that letter. Mr. Williams, who ever said it is the duty of Calendar to print only things you agree with? Or only things the Calendar staff agrees with? The Letters Page is intended as a forum for the opinions of Times readers.

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