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'Naked Games' Described by Child in McMartin Case

January 23, 1985|LOIS TIMNICK | Times Staff Writer

The scene in the hallway outside the courtroom was described by one defense attorney as "a circus," as photographers fought for pictures and reporters for comments.

A television crewman allegedly struck attorney Bradley Brunon, who represents Virginia McMartin, when the lawyer blocked a clear camera shot. Another technician denounced Buckey's attorney, Daniel Davis, for "defending the devil."

When the court recessed for the day, Stevens said he was "satisfied" with the child's testimony, because "the evidence is quite clear and he has supported all the counts."

He said the 7-year-old's numerous "don't remember" replies were understandable "when you're talking about acts of molestation that occurred to him half his life ago."

Defense attorney Forrest Latiner, who represents Peggy Ann Buckey, said it appeared the prosecutors had put words in the boy's mouth.

"This child has had a great deal of coaching," Latiner told reporters outside the courtroom.

Stevens denied the charge, saying, "It's obvious the child was told to tell the truth and nothing else."

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