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Of Course, They Said All This Before His Second Loss to USC

March 02, 1985

"Incredible, unbelievable" don't do justice to our reaction to Ralph Jackson's (Class of '49) comments in Viewpoint. How anyone can downgrade Walt Hazzard and his fabulous staff is beyond belief. Hazzard is the best thing to happen to UCLA basketball in years. He has instilled pride and determination, hard work, fundamentals and, above all, teamwork. UCLA has been a different team under his leadership--they may not win all, but they will go down fighting all the way and will play to the very limit of their ability. Who could ask for more? Unlike Jackson, we are very proud of our UCLA Bruins.


West Covina

I strongly resent Ralph Jackson's letter. The current team does not have a lot of talent, and UCLA does have a major-college coach in Walt Hazzard. The administration should recognize that Walt Hazzard is a top-flight coach and, with time and some good players, will produce winners that UCLA is used to.

I have been a UCLA fan since the early '30s, and let's not forget that John Wooden didn't set the world on fire during his early years as coach. Walt Hazzard is a winner. Shame on Jackson and any other UCLA follower who feels as he does.


Los Angeles

You evidently found one guy who doesn't like Walt Hazzard and certainly gave his viewpoint a huge headline and lots of column space. Perhaps one has to say something negative about UCLA to warrant such massive coverage in The Times.

I, for one, believe Walt Hazzard is a very good coach who is on the verge of becoming an outstanding one. He is the best coach we have had since John Wooden retired and, mark my words, Hazzard will bring championships and new glory to UCLA.


El Segundo

I see some eccentric Bruin alum launched a hysterical screed about how UCLA needs another coaching change. Turns out the guy is bitter about losing his premium season tickets to another, more well-heeled, alum. I sympathize, but then that's life in the modern world.


Los Angeles

Trojans Are Not Alone in Breaking the Rules

This is in answer to Bill Retchin's letter of last Saturday ("USC Broke the Rules and Should Be Punished"). I have been around athletes who have been recruited and signed by major schools from every section of the country for most of my life. All of these athletes were offered something that was against the NCAA rules, all the way from sex to selling their weekly game tickets. If USC is to be punished, so should the rest. I don't know what school Mr. Retchin attended, but I will bet him two linemen to one running back that his school is just as guilty as USC.



Pay to See Dodgers? Forget It, She Says

When I read that the Dodgers plan to charge for 20 TV games this season, I was infuriated. They have just lost one viewer and, I am sure, many more.

No athlete is worth the salaries they are paying today, and I am not going to contribute to any further increases. This goes for the Kings and Lakers, too.

We pay for cable, we pay to park at their games, pay outrageous prices for their soft drinks and food, and now they want us to pay for sitting in our homes to watch their games. Forget it.


Hacienda Heights

The article on the Dodgers entering the Pay-TV market further illustrates Peter O'Malley's greed. What nerve! The Dodgers should pay us to watch them. The current Dodger lineup is average at best. For us to pay for this is a sick joke. The Dodger Dynasty of the '60s and '70s is over.

Tom Lasorda should read last Sunday's article on Spark Anderson. It illustrates perfectly why he is a winner as a manager. Lasorda should learn from it.


Santa Ynez

A quote from Al Campanis in The Times: "Woe to them who misplace the Dodgers this year because they're going to be surprised." And "the Dodgers can win with Guerrero at third base."

Since when are the comics in the sports section?


North Hollywood

Meanwhile, Here Are a Few Sports Scores

Hate to question your news judgment, but why did you run the story of the USC-California basketball game on Page 1 of your Sunday sports section?

It hardly belonged alongside the other truly sports stories on that page: Bobby Knight throws a chair, John McKay is fined by the NFL, Gordon Jones is arrested for bookmaking, the commercial prospects of Edwin Moses, and Jim Murray on the recruitment of high school athletes.

USC 75, Cal 52.

You call that sports?



I opened my Sunday sports section and saw that it was really a big sports day. The front page articles included Gordon Jones' arrest, John McKay's fine, Edwin Moses' arrest and Bobby Knight's expulsion from a game. Unfortunately, one writer violated your guidelines and wrote an article about a game and even gave the score.

Next week, I'll read the Police Gazette instead.


Fountain Valley

It's Not Any Safer Inside Sports Arena

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