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Placentia : Bill Would Permit School Annexation Without Vote


State Sen. William Campbell (R-Hacienda Heights) introduced legislation Wednesday that would allow the Placentia Unified School District to annex the Yorba Linda Elementary School District without a vote, a move Fullerton officials oppose.

Campbell's legislation, Senate Bill 907, which would authorize Yorba Linda to withdraw its students from the Fullerton Union High School District to join Placentia, has been designed to allow the school districts up to two years to reach their own agreement on the annexation issue.

"The earliest this bill would take effect is Jan. 1, 1987," said Jerry Haleva, Campbell's chief of staff. "The senator feels that this would allow plenty of time for the issue to be resolved on the local level without the need for state legislation."

Fullerton has proposed that the annexation plan be put to voters in all three cities. A no vote in any city would kill the annexation, under Fullerton's plan.

That plan also would give Fullerton an 8% increase in state revenue to compensate for the estimated $2.5 million the district would lose if Yorba Linda's 925 high school students are transferred to neighboring Placentia.

Campbell's bill does not provide for that increase. But Haleva said the senator will not push for immediate passage. The bill is intended as a last resort if the districts themselves can't agree on a plan.

Fullerton Supt. Robert C. Martin said Wednesday, "Unless the piece of legislation has changed from the copy I received, we'll stay on course. I think the bill, as it is written now, solely benefits Yorba Linda and Placentia while it hurts Fullerton. . . . I believe strongly the people in these areas should have an opportunity to vote on the annexation issue."

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