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Redondo Beach Propositions

March 07, 1985

This is how the city voted in Tuesday's election on 10 propositions.

Proposition A: Corrects Charter language on the form of municipal government of the city--Yes, 5,936, 88.4%; No, 779, 11.6%

Proposition B: States when a person elected in a runoff election takes office--Yes, 5,852, 88.6%; No, 750, 11%.4.

Proposition C: Combines sections of Charter regarding eligibility to run for city clerk, city treasurer and city attorney--Yes, 5,650, 86.2%; No, 905, 13.8%.

Proposition D: Permits the City Council to assign duties other than those in the Charter to the chief of police--Yes, 5,219, 77.7%; No, 1,501, 22.3%

Proposition E: Permits the city to conduct elections according to general laws of the state unless Charter or ordinance requires differently--Yes, 5,847, 88%; No, 794, 12%.

Proposition F: Permits claim procedure to be governed by state law unless otherwise provided by ordinance--Yes, 5,448, 84.6%; No, 991, 15.4%.

Proposition G: Would have allowed the City Council to reject lowest responsible bidder in awarding legal advertising contracts--Yes, 2,732, 40.6%; No, 4,006, 59.4%.

Proposition H: Eliminates obsolete reference in connection with bonding requirements for city treasurer and city clerk--Yes, 5,370, 83.4%; No, 1,075, 16.6%.

Proposition J: Would have eliminated section making exposure of female breasts illegal--Yes, 3,289, 48.2%; No, 3,541, 51.8%.

Proposition K: Reduces punishment for violations of the Charter to $500 and/or six months imprisonment--Yes, 3,572, 54.7%; No, 2,959, 45.3%.

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