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Fullerton : Measure Tied to Another Student Housing Bill

March 14, 1985|KENNETH F. BUNTING

Assemblywoman Doris Allen's legislative effort to win approval for the first dormitory at Cal State Fullerton has been tied to another bill that also would provide student housing construction funds for California State University campuses in Los Angeles and Hayward.

The Fullerton and Hayward campuses currently have no student housing, and much more is needed at the Los Angeles State campus, say backers of a bill by Assemblywoman Teresa Hughes (D-Los Angeles), which asks for a $10-million appropriation for affordable on-campus student housing.

Allen (R-Cypress) in February had introduced a separate bill to appropriate $4.2 million for a dorm at the Fullerton campus. But Allen said Wednesday she agreed to let her bill lie dormant because Hughes' bill may have a better chance of passage. Allen's bill has not been withdrawn, however.

Hughes' bill was approved 7 to 0 by the subcommittee on higher education earlier this week after Allen agreed to become a principal co-author.

Besides appropriating more money for building projects at more schools, the key difference between Hughes' bill and the one Allen had introduced is that Hughes' mandates that the housing be affordable.

Cal State Fullerton officials, including President Jewell Plummer Cobb, had cited high rents in the area as a major reason why dorms are needed for the 23,000-student campus.

University spokesman Jerry Keating said dormitories are among Cobb's "top priorities."

"The president (Cobb) has been working with both legislators, and we welcome support wherever it can be found," he added.

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