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Child in McMartin Case Details Alleged Sex Acts

March 14, 1985|KAREN WEST | United Press International

The fourth child witness to take the stand in a massive preschool molestation case concluded six days of testimony Wednesday by elaborating on earlier accounts of being fondled and sodomized by one of his former teachers.

The 9-year-old boy, who attended McMartin Pre-School for three years ending in 1981, also said he had been forced to orally copulate Raymond Buckey, 26, in a school bathroom.

He repeated earlier statements of being molested by Buckey and of being photographed nude by strangers using sophisticated camera equipment at a house.

The boy, the fourth of 41 witnesses to scheduled to testify at the preliminary hearing for the Manhattan Beach preschool owner and six teachers, gave graphic details of the sex acts and described the positions he and Buckey were in. At the request of defense attorneys, the boy drew a picture of the bathroom where the sex acts allegedly occurred.

"Ray was sort of standing up, but his legs were kind of bent," the boy said, referring to the time he allegedly was forced to orally copulate Buckey. "I was on my knees."

Called a Contradiction

Defense attorney Eliseo Gauna told reporters the boy's details of the sex acts was a contradiction because the boy did not mention the sodomy until Tuesday.

Prosecutors, however, said the boy was either confused or too embarrassed to discuss the acts when given the chance on his first day of testimony.

"Why did you say nothing like that happened last week?" defense attorney Bradley Brunon asked the boy.

"I thought he (prosecutor Glenn Stevens) was talking about what happened during the games," the boy said.

Stevens told reporters that the boy's overall testimony was consistent and backed up the criminal counts filed against Buckey.

"He has never once denied being molested," Stevens said.

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