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Irvine : Portable Classrooms to House Child Care Facility

March 21, 1985|BOBBIE RODRIGUEZ \f7

The Irvine Child Care Project has received permission from the City Council to put up two portable classrooms to provide before-and-after-school child care for students of El Camino Real Elementary School and from the surrounding community.

The five-member child care group will review the applications of various groups that have expressed an interest in providing child care at the facilities, said Bruce Givner, deputy superintendent of support services for the Irvine Unified School District.

Fees for parents are expected to run from $35 to $60 per week per child and will be set by the child care group selected to provide the services.

Givner said that the child care committee, formed by the City Council and the school district, has received applications from organizations such as the Irvine YMCA, the Santa Ana YWCA and other nonprofit child care groups to run the program.

Final selection will "depend on the type of programs they'll have and the adult-to-student ratio," he said.

The classrooms will be located next to the school, measure 24 feet by 40 feet and be built at a cost of approximately $35,000 each. The number of children who will receive child care in each portable will vary from 20 to 25. Givner said state law requires a ratio of 12 children to one attendant. The child care workers will not be required to have teacher certifications, Givner said.

The children will range from kindergarten age to sixth grade, but will not have to be students of the school to attend.

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