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Weekend Will Be Warm, Sunny, Windy

March 22, 1985|TED THACKREY JR. | Times Staff Writer

Southern California's weekend will be sunny, warmer--and windy--the National Weather Service said Thursday.

A dry cold front passing through this part of the world has kept coastal areas foggy during morning hours and kicked up the wind in the mountains and deserts. But forecasters said atmospheric pressure should begin to build again today, with clearing skies and gradual warming expected through Sunday.

High temperature at the Los Angeles Civic Center on Thursday was 69 degrees, with relative humidity ranging from 77% to 46%.

Today was expected to be about five degrees warmer.

Blowing Dust Advisory

A travelers' advisory was issued Thursday for blowing dust and sand in desert areas. Southwest winds gusting to 50 m.p.h. were reported at Mojave Airport.

And northerlies to 30 m.p.h. were reported in the Southern California mountains.

These winds were expected to die overnight, however, and forecasters said skies should be clear and calm by this afternoon almost everywhere except at sea, where 20-knot westerlies were predicted for inner waters.

The Weather Service said surf should run two to four feet, with the water temperature just about the same as the afternoon air temperature: 57 degrees.

Clear skies were expected to keep Southern California mountain resort-level temperatures in the 40s and 50s, while there was a chance of showers in the northern Sierra, with the snow level pegged at 4,000 feet.

Visitors to Southern California's northern desert can expect afternoon temperatures in the low 70s, while those headed for the southern desert region can dress for the low 80s, the Weather Service said.

In Las Vegas, winds were expected to die away by this afternoon, leaving the skies clear and temperatures rising to the mid-70s by Sunday.

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