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Jacket Completes Room-at-the-Top Look

March 22, 1985|MARYLOU LUTHER | Times Fashion Editor

Question: I recently discovered a sleeveless white wool top that's fully lined and completely covered with beading. It zips in the back and has a round neckline. It's simply beautiful, but I don't know how to wear it. Could it be worn with slacks, or should it only be worn with a skirt? Can I wear a blouse under it?--P.R.

Answer: Wear your beaded top under a big jacket and over a narrow skirt as part of the room-at-the-top look for spring. Or, if you prefer, wear it with a big jacket (or big shirt) and narrow pants. Do not wear it over a blouse. Because your top is white, it will go with almost any color jacket, skirt or pants. If you're the brave sort, go the Technicolor route with fuchsia jacket and pink skirt. If you want something a little less daring, try a red jacket with black skirt or pants. And if you are truly a fashion conservative, wear your top with a black jacket and black skirt or pants.

Q: Both Warner's and Le Gant used to make a pants-like leg shield called Chafeze. Does anyone still sell such a wonderful item? Where?--D.W.E.

A: Yes. Kleinert's makes a similar product called Chafeguard. It's available in waist sizes average (22-29 inches) and large (30-38). You can order by writing to Kleinert's Inc. of Alabama, P. O. Box 560, 2251 Old Curtis Road, Elba, Ala. 36323.

Q: My husband gave me a beautiful white satin jump suit, which I'd like to wear the next time we entertain at home. I feel that it would look best with high heels, but I don't want to be a cook and hostess in heels. Can you recommend a shoe style that would look right with the jump suit but still allow me to race from kitchen to dining room? I wear size 10 shoes.--M.O.

A: How about racing around in kidskin ballet slippers? They're available for $18, white or black, in the current catalogue published by Victoria's Secret, P. O. Box 16589, Columbus, Ohio 43216. Sizes range from 5 to 10.

If you want to make the shoes more special, decorate them with seed pearls, satin bows, lace bows or tiny seashells.

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