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Whose Controversy?

March 31, 1985

A more appropriate headline for the March 22 article "Graduation Party Gambling Sparks a Controversy," about the La Jolla High Grad Night party, would have been "Los Angeles Times Creates Gambling Controversy."

The party is newsworthy in that it is likely to be one of the few successful non-drug, non-alcohol parties in the city on graduation night.

The intern reporter attempted to create the impression that illegal activities would be condoned. I do not consider games of chance, played with tokens provided with admission and with non-monetary prizes any different from speculation on door prizes at church fund-raisers.

Although the reporter mentioned that Point Loma High students may be going to a Grad Night Party at Disneyland, she failed to point out that their trip is scheduled for June 1, not the night of graduation, June 18.

The article also did not address the question of percent participation of graduating seniors at the bowling party at El Cajon Valley High.

Parents at La Jolla High, like those at some other high schools, have faced up to the widespread problem of teen-age drinking and driving. They should be congratulated for providing an alternative activity, supported by 85% of the seniors at the school.

Laissez-faire parents and the self-righteous principals at the other schools quoted by The Times may be allowing many celebrating students to play a game comparable to Russian roulette.


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