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Anaheim : Angels Win OK to Sell Outfield Section Tickets

April 03, 1985|Dave Palermo \f7

For the second time in a year, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled that the City of Anaheim cannot prevent the California Angels from selling tickets in a 27,500-seat outfield section of Anaheim Stadium.

Reaffirming a similar order issued in May, 1984, Judge Judith M. Ryan on Tuesday said the baseball team can continue using the outfield section of the stadium pending trial of a lawsuit filed by the team in its attempt to keep the city from building an office and hotel development on a portion of the stadium parking lot.

Ryan's ruling did not address the city's decision before the 1984 baseball season to increase its collection of revenues from ticket sales for that portion of the stadium from 7 1/2% to 15%.

Angels owner Gene Autry charged that the city increased its portion of the ticket revenues as retribution for the baseball club's lawsuit.

City officials said the outfield bleachers--constructed in 1980--were not included in the lease agreement signed by the Angels in 1981. They also said the Los Angeles Rams football team also uses the stadium and pays the city 15% of all tickets sold.

Angels attorney William Campbell said the baseball team has filed a claim with the city in an attempt to recover about $37,000 that he said the Angels lost when the city doubled its percentage of ticket revenues.

Additional legal action has been taken to recover "in excess of $100,000" in parking and concession revenues that the Angels claim was either withheld or paid late by the city, Campbell said.

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