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'Trade War' With Japan

April 07, 1985

Is it not in the spirit of free enterprise that the Japanese be permitted to sell all the cars they want in order to satisfy what the U.S. public demands?

Is the U.S. consumer to be forced to pay higher prices so that Detroit can continue to pay million-dollar bonuses and extra high wages to its employees? And extra profits to the companies?

Is the U.S. public after four years of restraint supposed to continue subsidizing Detroit?

No. The benefits of free trade belong to everyone.

On the other hand, the just calls for Japan to open its markets to American products should be pursued, but in a less inflammatory manner. We on the West Coast already sell computers, planes and tourist services to them. So it's not all one way.

My generation fought a bloody war that probably could have been avoided. I don't want to see our sons do the same. In this world, America needs all the friends it can get.



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