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Chapman Coach Is Reprimanded

April 09, 1985

Chapman College women's basketball Coach Brian Berger received a public reprimand Monday from the NCAA Division 2 Women's Basketball committee, for his actions before and after the Panthers' 63-54 loss to Cal Poly Pomona in the Division 2 Western Region final.

The committee's reprimand specifically mentioned comments Berger had made in the press interview area after that game. Berger could not be reached for comment.

After a game that had seen numerous fights break out between players, Berger had stated, "They (Pomona) demonstrated the worst sportsmanship I've seen all year."

Berger' comments caused Pomona Coach Darlene May to leave the interview area. After Berger had left, May refused to comment on Berger's statement.

"I have no comment on what he said," she said. "He has his opinion and I have mine. And so does the nation."

Pomona went on to win the Division 2 national championship.

Pam Gill, committee chairman, said that similar conduct by Berger in the future would result in Berger's exclusion from NCAA championship competition.

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