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South Bay Digest

Redondo Beach

April 11, 1985

The City Council has set July 9 for a recall election for Councilman Ron Cawdrey, the object of a successful petition drive by North Redondo residents opposed to his support of development in the King Harbor area and at the former Aviation High School campus.

The county registrar of voters ruled last month that 1,757 of the 2,088 signatures collected in Cawdrey's district by recall organizers were those of registered voters--51 more than required to qualify the recall effort for a special election.

Cawdrey, whose term expires in 1987, has branded the recall drive "totally political," saying the overdevelopment issue has been exaggerated by his opponents.

City Clerk John Oliver estimates that the election will cost the city $18,000.

City Clerk John Oliver is accepting applications from residents interested in serving on any of 11 city commissions and boards that have vacancies beginning this summer.

Oliver said applicants interested in being interviewed by the City Council and mayor should file their applications by May 3. The city, however, will accept applications throughout the year, he said.

Panels with openings this summer are the Crime Prevention Committee, the Harbor Review Board, the Historical Commission, the Housing Advisory and Appeals Board, the Housing Authority, the Library Commission, the Planning Commission, the Public Improvement Commission and the Recreation and Parks Commission.

Vacancies already exist on the Suspension Appeals Board and the Taxation and Budget Commission.

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