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Sri Lanka and Tamils

April 12, 1985

Father Peries' letter is a slander against Buddhism and Buddhists in Sri Lanka, which has no direct connection to the current ethnic strife in Sri Lanka, which is based on Sinhala Tamil ethnicity.

As Sri Lankan Buddhists living in this country, we were shocked that a responsible priest would make insinuating statements in order to add a new conflict between Buddhists and Catholics in addition to the present tension in Sri Lanka.

As far as the Buddhists and Catholics are concerned, there is no problem at all in Sri Lanka and the rights of the Catholics and all other religions are safeguarded under the Sri Lankan constitution.

Destruction of human life should be viewed with horror and revulsion by all those who believe in religion and their great traditions.

As a Buddhist organization, we have maintained extremely cordial relations with Sri Lankan Catholics whose dignitaries have visited the Los Angeles Buddhist temple from time to time.

In this difficult moment they have personally assured us that such cordiality will prevail in the future despite Father Peries' attempts to create a new unprecedented wedge between the Sri Lankan Catholics and Sri Lankan Buddhists.

It is high time priests of all faiths try to seek an everlasting peace not only in Sri Lanka but the world over, based on compassion toward all beings.



Peiris is president of the Sri Lanka-America Buddha Dhamma Society.

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