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Blinded Justice

April 14, 1985

After seeing Lone Justice four times, I have come up with a few observations of my own.

1--Maria McKee can tear your heart out with a ballad but she seems to prefer screeching like a cat in a fight.

2--The brilliant idea to change musical direction has resulted in turning a potentially interesting band into something quite a bit weaker.

3--The bulk of their set sounds like one continuous song in the grand tradition of most thrash bands.

Had I not been familiar with the band already, I would have thought by reading Hilburn's full-blown feature that we were getting ready for the second coming of the Beatles.

If they bomb, I hope Hilburn plans to shoulder part of the blame. I personally am through shelling out $9 a shot to hear bands like Lone Justice, Husker Du, the Replacements, and the Del whatevers bash one idea to death.

Ernest Tubb meets the Rolling Stones. C'mon.


San Dimas

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