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Reagan Policy in Nicaragua

April 16, 1985

Russia's determination to expand its foothold in the Western Hemisphere beyond the shores of Cuba was clearly manifested in the attempt to take Grenada.

Reagan's determination to keep the Russians from expanding their imperialism in the Western Hemisphere is clearly manifested in his efforts to remove the Sandinista government of Nicaragua.

Who is right? Which is the nobler cause? What is best for Nicaragua? For Central America? For the Western Hemisphere?

To get the truth we need only to examine the record. Both countries, as allies, conquered other nations during World War II and controlled their postwar life, liberty and welfare. So, let's ask ourselves, are the people of West Germany better off than the East Germans? Are the people of Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands happier than the Estonians, Lithuanians and the Latvians, if there are any left? Are the Japanese better off than the Polish or the Czechs?

Are Russia and the Communist-controlled Afghan government murdering thousands upon thousands of Afghans? Or is this all propaganda?

Are Communist leaders or any of their hundreds of technicians starving to death in Ethiopia? Or is it only the thousands upon thousands of Ethiopians who need to be removed so that the Communist leaders can consolidate their power in this militarily strategic country.

What will happen in Nicaragua if the Communist regime goes unopposed? Look at the record?

What do you think will happen to President Daniel Ortega, who has taken the Communist "bait," if he subsequently tries to be patriotic and do what is best for Nicaragua? Look at the record? He will be eliminated.

Yes, there have been shameful abuses of power by both sides in the Nicaraguan conflict, but to date they is minuscule compared what these people and their neighbors will suffer if the Communist takeover succeeds.

In the long term, Reagan's policies are eminently correct for Nicaragua, for Central America and for the Western Hemisphere. Keep the Communists out!


Santa Barbara

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