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Saving Network Tv: The People Respond

April 21, 1985

The Calendar Letters Page on April 14 appealed--in all semi-seriousness--to the reader-masses for fresh, new ideas to help save network television. The generosity of readers has been ample and heartwarming. The least frivolous contributions are segregated in the box at the right. The rest follow. BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS

My ideas for a solution to the same old network TV problems:

1--Get rid of the morons who are now in charge of programming.

2--Get rid of every "writer" who provides the same housewife-turned-hooker molested-child dope-smuggling car-chase story for every series.

3--Don't allow a deodorant, kitty litter, toothpaste, light beer, toilet tissue, automobile, or cereal maker to sponsor anything.

If we do all three, network TV should be about half as good as PBS.


Palm Springs

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