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Saving Network Tv: The People Respond

April 21, 1985

The Calendar Letters Page on April 14 appealed--in all semi-seriousness--to the reader-masses for fresh, new ideas to help save network television. The generosity of readers has been ample and heartwarming. The least frivolous contributions are segregated in the box at the right. The rest follow.

Personally, I think that we should go back to radio, but:

"Wright and Wong"--Howie Mandel and Dr. Haing S. Ngor star in a contemporary sitcom about two Chinatown detectives who get into a series of madcap adventures. Pee-Wee Herman co-stars as Randy Rudolph, their gay secretary.

"Ummph! Good God!"--James Brown stars in this sitcom as a hip Catholic priest/police detective by day and an R&B singer by night.

"High Concept"--Dabney Coleman stars in a trashy melodrama about a powerful Hollywood studio head with a nymphomaniacal wife (Candice Bergen) and a nymphomaniacal daughter (Brooke Shields). His life is further complicated by his mistress (Daryl Hannah), an ambitious, nymphomaniacal mogulette and Charlton Heston as his sworn enemy, the head of the studio's parent company, We Own the World, Inc.

"Covert Convent"--Mysterious things are going on at Our Lady of Perpetual Virginity. Amy Irving and Amy Madigan star in this action-adventure series as two American nuns who double as CIA operatives spying on the Sandinista government. Carlos Santana co-stars as El Presidente, the president of Nicaragua.

"Elvis and Me"--David Lee Roth stars as a struggling rock singer who finds that the ghost of Elvis Presley resides in his West Hollywood apartment.


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