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Theater Booms

April 21, 1985

Regarding Barbara Isenberg's "In Search of an Audience" (April 14), I suggest to L.A. producers that they start treating ticket-buyers ("finite" or "telemarketed") like customers instead of patsies.

We buy a producer's series because we are presented with an appealing schedule of shows. Then, once the season is under way, one, two, or more of these shows are cancelled and replaced with turkeys.

Why not offer a fair refund option if/when changes are made in the schedule?

And why not give the seat location on telephone orders? (Several smaller theaters do, and the Huntington Hartford did until it was taken over by Center Theatre Group.)

The phone order-takers are largely unaccommodating--if not downright rude--and the only information available to the ticket buyer is how much in extra service charges this call is going to cost.

At existing prices and under these czarist conditions, why should a theatergoer buy a series, assuming all the risks of what he's really going to see--if he can see it at all from the disappointing seat location he paid dearly for?


Los Angeles

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