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Swapping Condominiums for Orange Trees in Irvine

April 21, 1985

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the City of Irvine for "paving" the way for the Irvine Co. to eradicate what I am sure it has recognized as the scourge of Orange County: that pesky timber, the orange tree.

I used to dread the onset of springtime.

It always meant that I would be forced to inhale the obnoxious orange blossom fragrance that used to permeate that section of the Santa Ana Freeway between Jeffrey Road and Culver Drive.

This year, however, was different.

This year, I had the exhilarating pleasure of breathing odors that were emitted when those grotesque eyesores, which have resided in this portion of the county for the better part of the century, were surgically uprooted and reduced to sawdust within a matter of hours.

Moreover, I particularly appreciated the decapitation of the majestic eucalyptus trees that used to serve as their protectors.

Now, instead of gazing at row upon row of healthy green orange trees, I will get to observe row after row after row of prefabricated condominiums. Thank you.

Oh, one last thing. The concluding act of the "final solution" mapped out for the embattled orange tree ought to be the sponsoring of a ballot initiative: The word "orange" in Orange County should be dropped and the word "condo" should be inserted in its place.

Won't you please print this letter in the "Condo County" portion of the paper?


Capistrano Beach

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