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April 21, 1985|KEVIN THOMAS

Embassy (ABC Sunday at 9 p.m.), a new movie for TV, is an espionage thriller with the American Embassy in Rome as its key setting. Nick Mancuso stars as the embassy's deputy chief, whose investigation of an American tourist's arrest for murder unearths a plot to steal U.S. defense secrets.

Instead of a movie, NBC Sunday night is repeating (at 8 p.m.) a two-hour segment from the Knight Rider series called "The Knight of the Drones," which first aired last fall.

Marathon Man (ABC Monday at 9 p.m.) is a sleek, violent thriller directed by John Schlesinger from William Goldman's novel about a marathon runner (Dustin Hoffman) who becomes involved in pursuing a former Nazi concentration camp doctor (Laurence Olivier) through his brother (Roy Scheider), who's mixed up in some sort of government espionage. Also involved importantly in this 1976 film are Marthe Keller and William Devane. (Beware of that real stomach-wrencher when Olivier tortures Hoffman with a dentist's drill.)

That F. Scott Fitzgerald gem, "Myra Meets His Family" is not fully realized as Under the Biltmore Clock (Monday at 8 p.m. on Channel 50 and at 9 p.m. on Channels 28 and 15), its 1920 finery and settings overwhelming its people. Sean Young stars as a girl who's been going to Princeton mixers since she was 16, and now at 21, feels the desperate need to marry.

Loretta Swit stars in Games Mother Never Taught You (CBS Tuesday at 9 p.m.), a 1982 movie for TV. She's the first woman executive in an office in which the men have made all the rules. Among the men: Sam Waterston and David Spielberg.

Martin Scorsese's The King of Comedy airs on Channel 11 Wednesday at 8 p.m. and again Saturday at 8 p.m. So dark in its humor that it's often more disturbing than funny, it stars Robert De Niro as a nerd with delusions of being a stand-up comic whose obsession with a TV talk-show host (played with riveting coldness by Jerry Lewis) finally goes over the edge. Made in 1983, it's the kind of film that sticks in your memory.

Sunset Limousine (CBS Wednesday at 9 p.m.), a new TV movie, stars John Ritter as a stand-up comic who takes a chauffeur's job to prove to his girlfriend (Susan Dey) he can be responsible, only to find himself inadvertently entangled with the underworld.

Malcolm McDowell, Candice Bergen, Dyan Cannon, Edward Woodward and Lucy Gutteridge star in a new three-hour movie special, Arthur the King (CBS Friday at 8 p.m.). This return to Camelot was directed by Clive Donner (who has an impressive "Alfred the Great" among his credits) for producer Martin Poll (who has "The Lion in Winter" among his).

Evening fare on the pay/cable services: Over the Edge (Cinemax Monday at 8); Reuben, Reuben (Movie Channel Tuesday at 6 and Z Friday at 9); The Magnificent Ambersons (Z Tuesday at 7:30); Beyond Reasonable Doubt (SelecTV Tuesday at 9); This Is Spinal Tap (Z Tuesday at 9); Conduct Unbecoming (WOR Wednesday at 6); Singin' in the Rain (WOR Thursday at 6); Foxes (Movie Channel Friday at 6); Repo Man (ON-TV Friday at 7); Alphabet City (Showtime Friday at 8); Fahrenheit 451 (WGN Friday at 9:30); Lianna (Z Friday at 11); 8 1/2 (A&E Saturday at 9).

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