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The Joys of Reading the Daily Weather Page

April 27, 1985

Every morning, when I read The Times, I turn to the weather page.

I look up the weather in Anchorage so I can know what sort of day it is for my son, Peter, and his wife, Jane.

Then I look up the weather in San Francisco so I can think of my daughter Susan's going off to work and know whether she is wearing a raincoat or just a sweater.

Then I check on Sacramento weather because it is somewhat like the weather in nearby Concord, where my sister, Rea, and my mother live.

After that I look at the weather for Honolulu and see if it has rained or if the temperature is the same old 80 degrees--because that is where my sister, Ruthie, lives, with her husband, Ernie.

Then there is Omaha, where my nephew, Curtis, lives. And Columbus, Ohio, because my granddaughter, Sharon, goes to college in nearby Granville.

Finally, I check the weather in Palm Springs, because I think it is winter heaven for golfers. In summer, I watch the temperatures go up, and know that Newport Beach weather is best again.

Thank you for bringing my family closer to me.


Newport Beach

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