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It's Enough to Make a Fan Cry in His Beer

April 27, 1985

Did you ever wonder how the Dodgers keep from raising their ticket prices every year? Here's a brief history of beer prices the last nine seasons:

1977--65 cents for a 16-ounce cup.

1978--85 cents for a 16-ounce cup.

1979--$1.00 for a 16-ounce cup.

1980--$1.00 for a 14-ounce cup.

1981--$1.00 for a 12-ounce cup.

1982--$1.25 for a 12-ounce cup.

1983--$1.50 for a 12-ounce cup.

1984--$1.75 for a 12-ounce cup.

1985--$2.00 for a 12-ounce cup.

The beer vendors claim they're still pouring a 14-ounce cup, but don't believe it. Regardless of what they're pouring, it couldn't cost them more than 10 cents, including the cup.


Sun Valley

Tom Arthur of Arthur Food Services says that some of Mr. Alan's figures are wrong. According to Arthur, in 1977 a 16-ounce cup of beer cost 80 cents, a 12-ounce cup of beer cost $1.50 in 1982 and $1.75 in 1983. Arthur, whose company has the contract to provide all concessions for the Dodgers, said the cost of beer reflects an adjustment in the wholesale price. He said that no other concession costs have been raised this year.--Ed.

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