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Editors Should Heed Own Advice

April 28, 1985

John F. Lawrence's column accuses business of being misguided because they do no open their doors to an inquiring reporter.

The fact is that many executives have a deep and well-founded conviction that the media has a bias against business.

For instance, did Lawrence ask or present any facts in his column that represented the views of the businessman who was against talking to the press? Did Lawrence offer "equal time" to business to represent their point of view?

The answer to both questions is "no." Further, any representation that "60 Minutes" represents balanced reporting is nonsense. No responsible business executive would allow a "60 Minutes" camera crew within a mile of his offices.

For every instance where the media can cite fair and balanced reporting on a business story, business can cite dozens of horror stories where the media ignored facts, failed to check sources and made the business or the business executive the whipping boy for their story.

Sorry, Mr. Lawrence, your column has confirmed again what most executives know. Business doesn't get a fair shake from the press.


Santa Ana

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