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April 28, 1985

On April 14, Calendar Q appealed for fresh, new ideas to help save network TV. The responses continue to continue.

What television needs is relevancy programs like these:

"Buyer Beware"--A used car salesman (Cal Worthington) is furious when he catches his dog Spot (Leo the Lion) eating a customer. He puts Spot to sleep and quickly gets into trouble with the Better Business Bureau and the Humane Society.

"The Brand New Odd Couple"--ABC's third attempt at turning the Neil Simon play into a TV sitcom. Stars Mr. Blackwell as Felix, Mr. T as Oscar and Sally Struthers as Murray the Cop.

"The Boy George Show"--Playing himself, Boy George tries to be both father and mother to a disadvantaged black youth who hates gays. Bea Arthur co-stars as Boy's mom.

"Miami Goofs"--A Palestinian terrorist vacationing in Florida is mistaken for actor F. Murray Abraham. Judd Hirsch stars.


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