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NFL Draft : USC's Bickett, Ruettgers Taken Early as Teams Put Their Picks on the Line

May 01, 1985|BOB OATES | Times Staff Writer

Said New England personnel chief Dick Steinberg: "The kind of draft this is, this is a good year to have extra choices high. There are a lot of players who grade out with about the same ability."

Running back Herschel Walker, the Georgia star who might have been the top choice Tuesday if he had passed up the USFL's millions two years ago to stay in school, was drafted in the fifth round by Dallas.

But for the surprising show of strength by the USFL at its league meeting Monday night, Walker probably would have gone higher.

"We couldn't let him go lower," said Gil Brandt, Dallas vice president.

Most scouts and coaches had expressed a low opinion of the running backs available, but such is the importance of the position that before the first round was history, four had been chosen.

They were, in order, North Carolina's Ethan Horton, No. 15, Chiefs; Kentucky's George Adams, No. 19, Giants; Oklahoma's Steve Sewell, No. 26, Broncos, and Florida's Lorenzo Hampton, No. 27, Dolphins.

Said Miami Coach Don Shula: "Everyone who saw the Super Bowl knows we need to improve our running game."


TEAM PLAYER COLLEGE 1. Buffalo Bruce Smith, de Virginia Tech 2. Atlanta Bill Fralic, ot Pittsburgh (From Houston) Through Minn. 3. Houston Ray Childress, de Texas A & M (From Minnesota 4. Minnesota Chris Doleman, lb Pittsburgh (From Atlanta) 5. Indianapolis Duane Bickett, lb Southern California 6. Detroit Lomas Brown, ot Florida 7. Green Bay Ken Ruettgers, ot Southern (From Cleveland) California Through Buffalo 8. Tampa Bay Ron Holmes, de Washington 9. Philadelphia Kevin Allen, ot Indiana 10. New York Jets Al Toon, wr Wisconsin 11. Houston Richard Johnson, cb Wisconsin (From New Orleans) 12. San Diego Jim Lachey, og Ohio St. 13. Cincinnati Ed Brown, wr Miami (Fla.) 14. Buffalo Derrick Burroughs, db Memphis St. (From Green Bay) 15. Kansas City Ethan Horton, rb North Carolina 16. San Francisco Jerry Rice, wr Mississippi (From New England) Valley St. 17. Dallas Kevin Brooks, dl Michigan 18. St. Louis Freddie Joe Nunn, lb Mississippi 19. New York Giants George Adams, rb Kentucky 20. Pittsburgh Darryl Sims, de Wisconsin 21. Los Angeles Rams Jerry Gray, db Texas 22. Chicago William Perry, dt Clemson 23. Los Angeles Raiders Jessie Hester, wr Florida St. 24. New Orleans Alvin Toles, lb Tennessee (From Washington) 25. Cincinnati Emanuel King, lb Alabama (From Seattle) 26. Denver Steve Sewell, rb Oklahoma 27. Miami Lorenzo Hampton, rb Florida 28. New England Trevor Matich, c Brigham Young (From San Francisco)

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