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First Family Reports $7,156 in Gifts : Reagan Given Dog, Gun, Hearing Aids

May 17, 1985|PAUL HOUSTON | Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — As a gift to Nancy Reagan, Loretta Pogson of Farmington, Conn., last year sent a sweater she had knitted from wool that she had spun herself. Mrs. Pogson received a nice thank-you note, she said Thursday, but she has yet to see the First Lady wear her brown-and-white creation on television or in newspaper photos.

"Maybe it wasn't her taste," Mrs. Pogson said in a telephone interview.

President Reagan listed the sweater and 14 other gifts, including four hearing aids, a revolver and a dog, on a financial disclosure report filed Thursday with the Office of Government Ethics. Their total value was estimated at $7,156; the President is not required to report gifts to the family worth less than $100.

Artist John J. Oling of Torrance gave the Reagans an oil painting of elephants. "Because they are Republicans," his wife explained.

In recognition of the President's hobby of sawing firewood, the Secret Service agents who protect him gave him a chain saw and a tie tack worth $238.

Engraved Revolver

Among the President's other gifts were a $263 revolver engraved with his signature from Leopold J. Deters of Springfield, Mass.; a $400 bouvier des Flandres herd dog named Lucky from Kristin Ellis of Hebron, Ky., and four hearing aids worth $3,000 from Starkey Labs Inc. of Minneapolis and Burton Associates of Santa Ana. White House spokesman Larry Speakes said that Reagan sometimes wears one hearing aid, sometimes two.

Mrs. Reagan, who in the past has accepted expensive designer clothes as gifts, did not list any this year. "We're not getting into clothes any more," Speakes said.

Instead, the First Lady received a $400 desk diary from Mrs. Walter H. Annenberg of Rancho Mirage and Mrs. Armand Deutsch of Los Angeles. She was given a $400 lap blanket by Mrs. H. J. Heinz of the Heinz food products family in Pittsburgh. And, from Frank Rothman of Culver City, Mrs. Reagan received six movies on videocassettes, including one starring her husband, although its title was not disclosed.

Vice President George Bush also listed his gifts--a total of 41, valued at $8,500. Among them: 26 pairs of running shoes from Jim Autry of Dallas, worth $1,040, and a $375 vest from Lazar Blumenfeld of Bayonne, N. J.

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