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South Bay Digest

Manhattan Beach

May 23, 1985

Councilwoman Jan Dennis, who two weeks ago was the swing vote in authorizing a July 4 fireworks display, reversed herself this week, resulting in the show's cancellation.

Dennis said she changed her mind when the city learned that a professional pyrotechnics firm would charge $4,000 to conduct a 10-minute display from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

The council had hoped to set up a joint fireworks display with Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach from an offshore barge. However, the other cities refused to participate.

Dennis said this week that the brief display would only attract people to the beach and strain police efforts to curb the use of illegal fireworks. The sale and discharge of fireworks is illegal in Manhattan Beach.

Dennis said people would find themselves caught in traffic, unable to park or view the 10-minute show.

"It's just not long enough for a display," Dennis said. "I think they'll become very angry and want to tear this town apart."

Mayor Jim Walker and Councilman Gil Archuletta voted to keep the display, while Councilmen Bob Holmes and Russ Lesser voted against it.

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