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Kirkpatrick Wows the Whittier Society

May 29, 1985|MARY LOU LOPER | Times Staff Writer

They stood when she was escorted in. They stood when she spoke. They stood in ovation. Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, first woman to serve as chief U. S. representative to the United Nations and now Leavey University professor at Georgetown University (and some say a possible candidate for vice president), had the crowd up and down all evening this last weekend at the John Greenleaf Whittier Society's big night for Whittier College at the Century Plaza.

Anthony R. Pierno, trustee and dinner co-chairman, decribed her as part of the power elite, "the new class . . . new breed concept." The more than 900 (a power elite themselves) including Harold S. Voegelin, chairman of the society who headed the dais with Whittier College's president Eugene S. Mills, chairman R. Chandler Myers, trustee Jan Erteszek, and Joe Beachboard, student body president, were congratulating themselves on her timely appearance.

Most trustees--including William H. Marumoto, dinner co-chairman, and Mrs. E. L. Shannon Jr.--attended an exclusive reception before a larger reception for sponsors including the Joseph Agronicks, the Kenneth Balls, Marian Bewley, the Patrick Burnses, Manuel Caldera, Ray Dezember, the Richard Ettingers Jr., the Doug Fergusons, the Ben Harrises, the Clint Harrises and the Willard Harrises.

Then came the big reception, but eventually all, including Kevin Osborn, sophomore editor of the Quaker Campus, Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Kinsey, and Dr. Richard Wood, Whittier's vice president and dean of the faculty who is leaving to be president of Earlham College, heard Kirkpatrick on a variety of topics: On the Soviet Union, "When the Soviet Union is challenged in its expansion, it stops expanding . . . and that is reliable." On South Africa, "I do not believe in divestment." On trade between the United States and Japan, "I believe in the principle of reciprocity." On Central America, "We should put our . . . weight behind the contras. "

And on the private side Kirkpatrick (a graduate of Stephens College, Barnard College and Columbia University) has raised three sons ("a little luck and a lot of work") and listens to Bach in the evening.

Lawyer Irwin R. Buchalter will be honored by his alma mater, Southwestern University School of Law, with a 75th birthday celebration Saturday at the Beverly Wilshire. Proceeds will enrich the Irwin R. Buchalter Distinguished Professorship of Law at Southwestern.

Lee Rich, president of Lorimar; Mayor Tom Bradley; Councilman Gilbert Lindsay; and attorney E. Gregory Hookstratten are in charge of entertainment. Among those on the dinner committee are Merv Adelson, Evelle J. Younger and Robert H. Philibosian.

The honored guest has headed Southwestern's board as chairman.

Dine, dance, laugh and enjoy is the plan for "A Greek Odyssey" Saturday at the Glendale home of Dr. and Mrs. Richard Natale.

Friends of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center will join for the Greek magic concocted by honorary chairman, Consul-General Dimis Vassilakis of Greece and Mrs. William C. Casey, chairman.

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