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Tiptoeing Around a Pedestrian Request

June 06, 1985|HERB HAIN

Lucille Walker of Beverly Hills has been wearing out a lot of shoe leather in her search for Half-Peds (toe protectors), because they are so great for wearing with open-toe shoes and under panty hose, but she's had no luck at all. Surely, she wonders, somebody must be selling this item or something similar. And she hopes they have a little padding on the sole. Can you put your best foot forward and help before Walker gets cold feet, or will she be convinced that she's stubbed her toe once again?

As long as you're still on your toes, listen to the plight of Gladys Ferguson of Los Angeles, who has a broken leg and is looking for women's fabric house shoes with leather soles and heels and half an inch of elastic on the sides. She was able to get these shoes on Wilshire Boulevard for years, but the store where she shopped is out of business now. So don't drag your heels. Help Ferguson out, even though finding another source may not be a shoo-in.

Now for a somewhat off-the-floor request: Pat Henry of Huntington Park needs to find a plastic-lined cover (with two or three buttons on the corners for a perfect fit) for a 30x30-inch bridge table. She prefers the cover in either avocado or gold, but she will settle for anything. Please do not table this request, or else Henry won't have a chance to be a dummy.

Reader-to-Reader Help Line: Betty at (213) 670-5412 is looking for a copy of "The Anniversaries," an informative novel about early Pasadena, which she read 15 years ago. She wants to present this book to a pioneer Pasadena resident but is having a terrible time finding it. Please help, so that everything will come up roses for Betty and her friend. . . . Another would-be bookkeeper is Jeanne at (213) 831-6085, who is looking for a book of stories about the Bruin Boys, who were bears; the book was in print about 50 years ago. Please help Jeanne, who is unable to bear the wait much longer.

Note: The Reader-to-Reader Help Line is only for one-time items and for products that are no longer available in stores. And you must give us written permission to publish your telephone number, so that other readers may contact you directly.

G. J. Peairs of Arroyo Grande, who was looking for old-fashioned duck decoys, may now consider the problem duck soup. Edward Canning says Our Country Antiques, 8371 La Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, (619) 697-7881, carries old duck and goose decoys. Ednabelle Menditto, owner of Drury Lane Antiques, 512 W. Chapman Ave., Orange, (714) 997-2384, says she has old "working" decoys with the original paint. And Tom Murray, owner of the Wild Wings Art & Gift Gallery, 14510 E. Whittier Blvd., Whittier, (213) 945-5242, reports that he has antique decoys and reproductions. William Sanders of El Toro reports that Ace Old Furniture, 2030 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Anaheim, (714) 525-2366, is loaded with duck decoys. And Eleanor Mosca writes that her company, Ole Tollers (term used for duck decoys in Maine), P. O. Box 761, La Jolla, Calif. 92038, specializes in decoys.

Since all these locations are more than waddling distance from Arroyo Grande, Peairs might also investigate some mail-order sources. Harriett Wagner of Los Angeles and Marian Spencer of Santa Monica sent us ads for London Antiques, 930 E St., San Diego, Calif. 92101, toll-free (619) 239-6216. These are English imports and sell for about $17 each. And Mrs. T. R. MacConnell of Mira Loma sent us a catalogue by Dunn's, P. O. Box 449, Grand Junction, Tenn. 38039-0449, (901) 764-6901; it features a number of decoys. She also told us about Cabela's, 812 13th Ave., Sidney, Neb. 69160, toll-free (800) 237-4444. Then we heard from four readers who are willing to part with their duck decoys. Please send a stamped self-addressed envelope for a list.

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