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VAGRANTS: Kicked Out : Vagrants Rousted at Lagoon

June 13, 1985|JUDY PASTERNAK | Times Staff Writer

Minutes after they began to make their way through the pickleweed, one pair of deputies found Robert Shane Harris, 19, half-hidden under a willow tree. He was soon standing, in his socks, faded jeans, a T-shirt and beard stubble, handing over his driver's license. He had spread out his sleeping bag--which meant he qualified for a citation for illegal camping. His backpack, shoes and an empty Doritos bag were tucked in the underbrush.

Harris said he recently left his home in Richmond, near San Francisco, "just to get away from everybody." He said he had landed a job as a busboy in Malibu and that he had located an apartment that will be available July 1.

While he waited, he said, he had spent four nights at the lagoon. "It's pretty quiet," he said. "And it's been pretty warm."

The deputies told him to get away, that he would not be cited unless they find him sleeping in the park again. He said he did not know where he would find shelter in the next few weeks.

The only arrest of the day came nearly two hours later. Supervising ranger John Schmill spotted two of his rangers approaching with a bearded, straggly haired man in a dark blue T-shirt and purple sweat pants. "There's Chester," Schmill said.

The rangers had found Chester Callero, 34, in his regular spot by the shore. "Chester has been around here long term," Schmill said. "We talked to the judge and every time Chester comes in, the judge adds two days to his term. He's up to 10 days now."

After Callero received his citation, he was released.

"Where'd he go?" Burns asked.

Ranger J. P. Patton smiled. "Back to the beach," he replied.

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