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List of 39 Passengers, Crew Freed to End Hijack Crisis

July 01, 1985|From United Press International

Here is a list of the 39 passengers and crew held hostage in Beirut in the hijacking of TWA Flight 847. The hostages were released in the Lebanese capital on Sunday and driven to Damascus, Syria, where they boarded a U.S. Air Force transport plane that arrived in Frankfurt, West Germany, early this morning.


1. Capt. John L. Testrake

2. First Officer Philip G. Maresca

3. Flight Engineer Benjamin Zimmermann


4. Victor Amburgy

5. Kenneth Anderson

6. Jerome J. Barczak

7. Ken Bowen

8. Michael R. Brown

9. Robert G. Brown

10. Leo C. Byron

11. Kurt L. Carlson

12. Allyn B. Conwell

13. Thomas V.S. Cullins

14. Stewart Dahl

15. William J. Darras

16. Stuart Darsch

17. Fr. Thomas J. Dempsey

18. Grant Elliott

19. Vicente Garza

20. Simon Grossmayer Jr.

21. Richard Herzberg

22. Peter W. Hill

23. James Hoskins Jr.

24. Jeffrey Ingalls

25. Raymond Johnson

26. George Lazansky

27. Jack McCarthy

28. Fr. James W. McLoughlin

29. Richard Moon

30. Thomas W. Murry

31. Bob Peel Jr.

32. Clinton Suggs

33. Blake Synnestvedt

34. Arthur Toga

35. Ralf W. Traugott

36. Robert Trautmann Jr.

37. Tony Daniel Watson

38. Claude E. Whitmoyer

39. Steve Willett

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