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Jody Jacobs

Adult Illiteracy Is Barbara Bush's Topic

August 25, 1985|JODY JACOBS

Adult illiteracy--and there's more of it in the United States than you may suspect--is Barbara Bush's special interest. It's the subject she'll tackle Sept. 12 when she appears as guest of honor at the Club 100's luncheon session in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion's Blue Ribbon Room. The vice president's wife is on a tight schedule so she'll skip lunch and arrive just in time for her talk. Joyce Rosenblum, Club 100's new president, and Judy Ruderman who is coordinating the event, will be around for the whole time. Club 100 is the Music Center support group that holds training sessions for volunteers.

Vive la France! That's the rallying cry for La Belle France, a black-tie dinner dance hosted by Mrs. Harry Wetzel, Mrs. Harold Keith and Bullocks Wilshire on Sept. 6 for the benefit of KUSC-FM, the classical music and arts station.

The party will also help launch Bullocks Wilshire's celebration of all things French--fashion, designs and cultural creations. The evening's guest of honor will be Pierre Letocart, executive director of the Board of French Trade. And the evening's star attractions will be fashion designer Bernard Perris, shoe designer Maud Frizon and Verney Joailliers' designer Michel Ermelin showing their glorious creations.

The dinner committee includes Wallis Annenberg, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Ayres, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Evans, the Simon Ramos, Joan Palevsky, French Consul General Francois Mouton, French Cultural Attache Alexandre Tolstoi and French Trade Commissioner Alain Galliano and his wife. Also Bullocks Wilshire president Jerome Nemiro and his wife, Dolores; the Thomas Vreelands; the Andre Lamberts, and a host of others who appreciate the finest France has to offer. The veritable shower of truly French food served that night will be prepared by Rococo. D'accord!

The Zekman-Weisman clan held a giant reunion this weekend organized by art patron Fred Weisman, grandson of David Zekman and Fanny Gottlick. To keep family lines straight (and to help some of the far-flung clan realize where they stand in the scheme of things), Fred had a scrolled family tree for every one of the assorted Weismans, Frankels, Briskins, Nadels, Oxmans. The guests ranged in age from 93 (Bessie Kohn) to 3 months (Natan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shmulik Etziony) and came from as far away as New York, Chicago and Fort Smith, Ark. The gathering included Marcia Simon Weisman, Fred's former wife and a knowledgeable art collector and lecturer; their son Richard and his children, Abby and Robin; Fred's brother Ted and his daughters--Judy with her husband, Dr. Jay Nadel, who is doing research on cystic fibrosis, and Sharon and her husband, Noel Frankel, who live in New York; and from Chicago Pam Zekman, a television investigative reporter, and her husband, Rick Soll. And lots more.

The night before Neiman-Marcus opened its new Palo Alto store with a big, black-tie bash, Denise and Prentis Cobb Hale gave a much cozier little party honoring N-M chairman Richard Marcus and his wife, Heather. The place was L'Etoile, still one of San Francisco's classiest restaurants, and, as she always does, Denise brought the tablecloth and the accessories from home and filled the private party room with flowers. The carefully culled guest list included Paris' Princess Ghislaine de Polignac with her beau, Viscount Philippe du Rasquier; Angelenos Mary and Phil Hawley (he's chairman of Carter Hawley Hale, which owns Neiman-Marcus), Architectural Digest's Paige Rense, Patti and Tommy Skouras; and among the top drawer San Franciscans, Mrs. Francis Martin, Mrs. John Ward Mailliard III (she's the city's whirlwind party planner), Mrs. John Rosekrans (she's S.F.'s fashion forecaster), Adolphus Andrews, Sally Jordan of the Jordan Vineyards, interior designer Michael Taylor and Sandra Mosbacher.

Every woman's dream came true the other night at David Jones' party for Houston's Lester Rutledge. There, in full view, was Rutledge's collection of fabulous jewels--a 200-karat carved emerald turtle with pave diamond head and ruby eyes, a 62-karat emerald necklace, salmon-colored coral nestled amid coral-colored begonias--and no one said "No" to touching and trying on. The jewelry was in Jones' La Grenouillere, his Sunset Boulevard floral and antiques boutique. The partying went on under a tent in the parking lot where a giant steel chandelier was decorated with clouds of baby's breath and begonias. It was hard not to ooh and aah.

The mob under that chandelier included Matilda and Harold Stream, Virginia Milner, Kalef Alaton, Jack Lowrance, Contessa Cohn, Paul and Joan Selwyn, William and Cornie Farrer, Gus Tassell, Paige Rense, Tamara Asseyev and Jan Kobler, who flew in from Santa Fe for a look-see.

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