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Irvine : Council Approves Funds for Convention Bureau

August 26, 1985|Robert Hanley

Irvine's fledgling visitors and convention bureau will receive partial funding from city coffers, but the bureau probably will not receive any money before the end of the year, Paul Brady, assistant city manager, said.

Council members have approved a request from the bureau for $280,000, or approximately 1% of the city's estimated bed taxes during the current fiscal year.

The bureau will receive an initial installment of $51,000, and further financial assistance will be "contingent on funds being available," Brady said, adding that the plan will be reviewed in January when the city takes a mid-year look at its budget.

Brady, who is one of two city representatives on the bureau's board of directors, said the money "isn't going without strings attached," and the city has the right to inspect the bureau's financial records whenever it wants.

"If at any time the staff feels that they are not living up to their agreement with the city, the funds can be reduced or terminated," he said.

The initial allotment will be used primarily to hire an executive director as well as to pay other expenses needed to get the agency started and on the way to fulfilling its goal of attracting convention and tourist business to Irvine.

Because agreements between the city, the Irvine Chamber of Commerce and the visitors bureau still have to be drawn up, Brady said, it is unlikely that the operation will get any city money before year's end.

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