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19,825 Outlets, Including Major Chains, to Sell Lottery Tickets

August 27, 1985|Associated Press

SACRAMENTO — A foot-thick printout of lottery outlets showed Monday that tickets will be offered at 13,829 individually owned businesses and 5,996 stores operated by most of the major California chains when the lottery starts in late September or October.

The list from lottery officials included major chains such as Safeway Stores Inc., Longs Drug Stores, Thrifty Drug & Discount Stores, Albertson's Food Centers, Lucky Stores Inc., Alpha Beta Stores, Pay Less Drug Stores, Gemco Department Stores and Bel Air Markets.

Other outlets include Quik Stop, Stop N Go, franchised 7-Elevens, Circle K, Liquor Barn, Round Table Pizza and Winchell's Donuts.

Some service stations affiliated with major gasoline companies will sell tickets: Exxon, Shell, Chevron, Mobile, Arco, Texaco and Beacon.

The individually owned stores include businesses ranging from check-cashing outlets to liquor stores and video-movie rental shops.

A total of 19,825 locations were given conditional licenses to sell tickets. The outlets are subject to on-site inspection by the state and may be dropped from the list. Officials expect most to be approved, however.

The lottery has divided the state into 12 districts. In the Sacramento district, there are 466 chain outlets and 1,107 independents; in the Anaheim area, 568 chain outlets and 1,004 independents; in the Whittier region, 287 chain outlets and 904 independents.

In the San Jose area, 401 chain outlets and 1,042 independents; in the San Francisco region, 818 chain outlets and 2,290 independents; in the San Diego area, 535 chain outlets and 1,065 independents; in the Riverside district, 557 chain outlets and 828 independents; in the Ventura region, 232 chain outlets and 515 independents; in the San Fernando area, 462 chain outlets and 1,067 independents.

In the Bakersfield area, 169 chain outlets and 405 independents; in the Fresno region, 303 chain outlets and 594 independents; and in the Redding district, 127 chain outlets and 355 independents.

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