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September 01, 1985

I am truly surprised at how much space The Times is willing to spend on the petty politics of the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department ("City Probes Cultural Affairs Policies," by Judith Michaelson, Aug. 20, 21).

Is it really in the best interests of readers to have to wade through not one but two days of articles that offered little more than how one person didn't receive the promotion he hoped for, or how another doesn't have a secretary?

Might not it be better to have The Times concentrate on how the department, under Fred Croton's direction, has had an impact on the arts community it is chartered to serve?

I am sure that numerous artists and arts organizations (Croton's constituency) would have been happy to come forward with experiences of their own.

I have found Croton to be of great assistance. He has been extremely forthcoming in offering help, ranging from advice on how to deal with the city's bureaucracy to financial support.

Isn't this more to the point in discussing the job performance of the man whose charge is the cultural well being of Los Angeles?


Co-Artistic Director

New Music America Festival

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