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Taping of Council Actions Welcomed

September 01, 1985

I want to take this opportunity to thank Ann Baker for becoming interested in Redondo Beach politics. She is to be commended for taking time out of her busy schedule in order to learn more about what really happens at our council meetings. I'm quite sure that members of her Neighborhood Watch group will appreciate viewing the videotapes she has made of recent meetings.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Baker did not understand the reason I made a motion to outlaw leaf (grass) blowers in Redondo. (Councilman Chapman, in jest, called them glass blowers). I have received many complaints about the noise made by these portable back-pack blowers and the mess left behind by their operators.

People who use these infernal contraptions to blow leaves and other debris onto neighboring properties are subject to trespass laws, not the leaves as Mrs. Baker suggests. Some people actually blow their leaves and lawn trimmings onto the street and leave them to scatter with the winds before the street sweeper can pick them up.

I always have supported open government and public participation at council meetings. I have no objections to meetings being taped or televised as long as it doesn't interfere with our meetings.

I hope Mrs. Baker continues to attend council meetings and if some of our actions seem to be obscure to her, she will ask for the reasons behind our decisions so she can then report on both the pros and cons of our positions.

I urge all Redondo Beach residents to show the same concerns as those of Mrs. Baker. The better they are informed, the easier our job.



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