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Sign Measure Introduced in Gardena

September 01, 1985

GARDENA — After seven public hearings before the Planning Commission, a sign ordinance was introduced with five amendments at a City Council meeting last week.

The ordinance has generated concern among local merchants who fear that proposed regulations would be too restrictive. But the ordinance's introduction, which came toward the end of the 4 1/2-hour meeting, did not elicit any community response.

The council voted to include the following amendments in the sign ordinance:

- Pole signs must be placed at least 15 feet from the property line.

- Roof signs will be prohibited.

- Sign permit fees will be set by council resolution rather than by the ordinance, a step that makes changing fees easier.

- It will be unlawful for a property owner to allow shrubbery, bushes or trees to obstruct signs on adjacent property.

The proposed ordinance also includes a requirement that "painted-on wall signs" must be maintained in a freshly painted state and every business must have at least one sign in English.

In his report to the council, Community Development Director Hayward Fong, described the ordinance as "fair, comprehensive, yet practical."

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