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Stirrup Pants and Knits Are Travel-Ready

September 06, 1985|MARYLOU LUTHER

Question: Please recommend a travel outfit suitable for a 35-year-old who wears a woman's Size 42. I will be going to Europe in November and would like to feel comfortable aboard planes and trains, yet also look "with it." I prefer sportswear to dresses or suits.--P.N.

Answer: The cowl-neck pullover and stirrup pants illustrated here, both from Richard Simmons' Curves collection for Montgomery Ward, meet both of your requirements. The fabric is a sweat-shirty knit of Fortrel polyester and cotton with a soft fleece underside. It will move with you, let you snooze with the same effect as your favorite pair of flannel pajamas and arrive at your destination without looking slept-in. The cowl-neck top ($24) is available in royal or wine, women's sizes small (fits blouse sizes 36-38), medium (40-42) and large (44-46). The stirrup pants ($22), available in the same colors plus gray, have a pull-on elasticized waist for easy fit. Sizes include small (30-32-inch waist), medium (34-36) and large (38-40). Both are illustrated in the special Montgomery Ward catalogue called "Full Figure Fashion." To order, write to the company at Montgomery Ward Plaza, Chicago, Ill., 60671.

Q: I just rediscovered a polyester blouse that's been lost in my closet for eight years. Alas, there is a big stain on the front. To make matters worse, I don't even know what caused the stain. Any ideas for removing the stain?--D.R.

A: Before you take the advice of textile specialists who say there's no hope for a stain that's been in place for eight years, try Z'Out. This stain remover is available in most Southern California chain grocery stores, and it has proven effective on blood, grease, grass, red wine, ink and perspiration, so it should be worth a try.

Q: Where can I get my white peau de soie wedding shoes dyed Christmas red?--D.T.

A: Canoga Shoe Repair, 21502 Sherman Way, in Canoga Park, will dye your shoes for $12. The shop's Jirair Himidian also specializes in dyeing shoes to match exactly the colors of dresses, suits, coats and gowns.

Q: Where can I find information on furs? I am about to invest in my first fur coat, and I would like to learn how to recognize quality skins. I'm also concerned about the comparative longevity of beaver versus mole, for example.--S.W.

A: The American Fur Industry, a nonprofit organization supported by fur apparel manufacturers and suppliers, publishes a booklet called "Furs Naturally." It's available for $1 by writing to the American Fur Industry, 101 West 30th St., New York, N.Y. 10001. In the actuarial tables on fur, beaver is supposed to outlast mole, given the same care.

Q: I've bought a new knee-skimming gray flannel suit, and I want to be sure to show it off to its best advantage. What type of panty hose--sheer or opaque--should I wear with it?--A.L.

A: Go with the opaque. Your panty hose can be anything from flat knits to sweater ribs to complement the flannel, but they should not be sheer. Save your sheers for those special dress-up evening occasions.

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