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'U.S. Policy in Central America'

September 08, 1985

For a national newspaper supposedly staffed by an intelligent editorial staff, you continue to expound a line of thinking that, as it pertains to Nicaragua, can only be described as DUMB.

The latest waste of paper and ink was your editorial, "Cynical Game," wherein you continue your criticism of the Administration's position relative to the Contadora Group. In the editorial you refer to Nicaragua as a nation "run by Marxist revolutionaries." Stop right there. Now think!

Don't you realize that we can never tolerate a Moscow-directed regime to "set up shop" in our "backyard"? Don't you think we learned something from the Cuba debacle? If Cuba was No. 1 and Nicaragua is No. 2, start naming the No. 3s and No. 4s, etc.

In all that has been said or written about the Contadora nations and their suggestions and observations relative to settling the Nicaraguan situation, have they ever come out and boldly stated that the Moscow influence and direction should be entirely eliminated ? Or haven't their views been along the lines of allowing the Nicaraguans to choose their own form of government, and if they prefer to be influenced and directed by Moscow, so be it?

Certainly we say No! The Americas--North, South and Central with all their faults in their governmental structures--should never tolerate the merest suggestion of Marxism.

Turn Marx's and Lenin's pictures toward the wall, and we and the Contadora Group will enter the conference room together and will work effectively toward an overall Central American solution in the capitalist democratic tradition.



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