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Going by the Book

September 08, 1985|DON JAMES | James is a Los Angeles free-lance writer.

"Traveling Right" by Richard L. Liebman provides quick, useful, basic information when you may need it fast. Tips on health, how to save money, who to contact in emergencies such as a theft, etc., for 95 countries and hundreds of cities are at your fingertips (Travel Right: $9.95 or add $2 for handling and send to: P.O. Box 805, Knickerbocker Station, New York 10002).

Four books on our national parks by the father/daughter team of Don and Debra McQuiston are available. The impressive color photography by Pat O'Hara brilliantly captures the beauty of each park. "Yosemite" (text by David Robertson), "Mount Rainier," "Grand Teton" and "Olympic" (text by Tim McNulty) are large editions in soft cover for $16.95 each, $30 hardcover (Woodland Press).

Those who respond to environs of sacred mystery and religious beauty blended with a spiritual presence of significance will enjoy "Pilgrimages to Rome and Beyond" by Paul Lambourne Higgens. It's a guide to the holy places of Southern Europe--Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Spain and Portugal; a thumbnail tour of what to look for, when to visit and what to expect (Prentice-Hall: $7.95).

Eleanor Berman has two "Away for the Weekend" guides filled with information for "New England" and "New York." They list lots of fun getaways that could easily be extended for more pleasure. Places to visit are outlined in detail for every season (Potter/Crown: $9.95 each).

Consider the "1985 Michelin--Main Cities Europe" guide ($13.95) an invaluable resource for travelers planning a trip to the Continent. Hotels and restaurants in 53 major cities and 15 countries are reviewed in detail. The 411-page guide is compact, lightweight and easy to stash in your kit bag. Another Michelin guide worth its $15.95 tag is "France--1985."

When to go, what to see and where to stay and eat, including facts about climate, transportation and routes are well covered in "Collier World Travel Series--Greece and Yugoslavia." No photos, but good information and sufficient maps (Collier/MacMillan: $6.95).

If for no other reason, the $14.95 price for "Best of the Best in the U.S." will offer many hours of thumb-through enjoyment. It's 224 pages of fascinating vacation ideas, accented with more than 300 color photos and a detailed text highlighted by splashes of color (National Best-Seller Corp., Elgin, Ill.).

"Combing the Coast--Highway One from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo" by Ruth Jackson is a perfect companion for the first-time vacationer, as well as those who enjoy revisiting its many areas of breathtaking beauty (Chronicle Books: $10.95).

Bicycling enthusiasts will probably want a copy of "L.A. Bike Rides--A Guide to 37 Specially Selected Routes in Los Angeles County" by Loren MacArthur. The rides and routes are rated from easy to strenuous; there are maps and detailed instructions. The tips for neophytes or old hands are worthwhile (Chronicle Books: $7.95).

The text and maps are brief but good for starters. "North Wales" by Michael Roulstone and "The Scottish Highlands" by Ian Irvine touch upon tours, events and history plus an A-to-Z gazetteer (Merrimack: $6.95 each).

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