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Afflictions At The Wga

September 15, 1985

Jess (Way Off The) Money seems to know (or care) precious little about the guild he characterizes as the Whiners Guild of America (Calendar Letters, Sept. 8). To set the record a little straighter for Money:

1--The guild has been partner to apprentice programs in the past; unfortunately they were dreadfully abused by the studios. Studios encouraged the apprentices to write on existing TV programs, used what the apprentices had written but did not pay full program fees or give writing credit. The exploitive apprentice programs had to stop.

2--The board of directors does not select the candidates for the next board.

3--When a person makes his or her first sale (to a company that is signatory to the guild's Minimum Basic Agreement) that person (even you Mr. Money) is already protected by the hateful Writers Guild of America. He or she must receive at least guild minimum for the work done, must have contributions made to his or her pension and health programs (at no cost to the writer) and is the beneficiary of all the working rules of the WGA . . . and for all of this all one is asked to do is pay his dues.

4--The guild is continually seeking ways to allow guild membership to professional writers in the areas we cover (TV, theatrical films and radio). I have recently served on a committee that has submitted a report to our board recommending an easing of our entry requirements. When approved by the board that proposal, because it is a constitutional amendment, will be brought to the entire membership for approval.

Finally, I believe that the Whiners Guild of America is a one-man local with its headquarters in Redondo Beach.


Beverly Hills

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