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Clean Rock

September 15, 1985

The whole concept of rating record albums is ludicrous, but I suppose that it is about time.

When motion pictures were first rated, the idea of informing people about possibly objectionable material was claimed. I suppose some quarters also hoped to motivate the movie industry to produce more wholesome-type films, lest the film be branded as PG or, heaven forbid, R.

Even the most casual observer can see the results. Ratings are now as much a warning of a boring, juvenile film (G), as a guide to action and adventure (R). Even finer tuning of the rating game has been necessary to shelter our 13-year-olds from the worldly elements we expose our 14-year-olds to.

If nothing less, the record ratings ought to make music purchases easier for the majority of normally rebellious teens, steering them clear of music that their parents may approve of, while clearly labeling what their parents may dislike.

That is, of course, unless you must be 17 or older to purchase such albums, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian while listening.

P.S. One more thing: How about an H rating for religious and other Holy music? Someone might find that objectionable.


La Mirada

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