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A Long Day Ends in Pain for Plunkett

September 23, 1985

The Raiders have lost No. 1 quarterback Jim Plunkett for what team physician Robert Rosenfeld says is "at least six weeks," with a dislocated left shoulder.

Plunkett suffered the injury while being sacked for the sixth time Sunday. The Raiders trailed the 49ers, 27-3, when 49er nose tackle Jeff Stover drove Plunkett into the turf.

Plunkett arose in obvious pain and tried to walk off, aided by the team's medical staff. He went to his knees again before reaching the sideline, and Rosenfeld popped the shoulder back in.

"You should have heard him screaming at me," Rosenfeld said. "I was trying to put it back. But it kept coming out.

"He's had injuries to that shoulder for years. That'll make it longer. You get scar tissue after you have an injury. Scar tissue doesn't heal as well.

"It'll keep him out at least six weeks."

Could it end his season?

"I don't think so," Rosenfeld said.

Plunkett is 37. He was sent to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Sunday night.

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