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September 27, 1985|Jerry Gillam | Times Staff Writer

Governor Bills Signed:

Automobile Insurance: Prohibits the state from selling information to automobile insurance companies regarding traffic accidents where the other driver was at fault in the opinion of the reporting law enforcement officer, (AB 896) by Assemblyman Thomas M. Hannigan (D-Fairfield). The aim is to prevent insurance rate increases or policy cancellations for drivers who are not at fault.

Telephone Sales Pitches: Requires most people who solicit business over the telephone to register with the state Department of Justice at least 10 days before doing business in California, to help the department crack down on so-called "boiler-room" operations, (AB 776) by Assemblyman Robert C. Frazee (R-Carlsbad).

Threatening Witnesses: Makes it either a felony or a misdemeanor for a person convicted of a violent crime to threaten a witness or a victim with violence in connection with the original crime, (AB 2055) by Assemblyman Richard Katz (D-Sepulveda). It was sparked by the case of Theresa Saldana, an actress who was attacked and left for dead. Her attacker is due for release from prison in three years, and allegedly has threatened to finish the job, according to Katz.

Liquor in Candy: Increases the permissible alcoholic content of candy from 0.5% to 5%, (AB 503) by Assemblyman Larry Stirling (R-San Diego). Sale of such candy products to minors would be prohibited.

Legislative Retirement: Allows Assemblyman Louis J. Papan (D-Millbrae) to purchase state legislative retirement credit for military service time that was not continuous to obtain increased pension benefits, (SB 960) by Sen. Ralph C. Dills (D-Gardena).

Open Meetings: Enables private citizens and groups to go to court and seek to have actions of state agencies declared null and void if taken at closed meetings, (AB 214) by Assemblyman Lloyd Connelly (D-Sacramento).

Bills Vetoed:

Self-Esteem: Would have created a 24-member commission to probe the causal relationship between self-esteem, personal responsibility and social problems with a $750,000 budget to study linkage with violence, crime, child abuse and drug abuse, (AB 23) by Assemblyman John Vasconcellos (D-Santa Clara). The governor said the subject already has had considerable study. If more research is needed, he said it could be done by existing institutions, such as the University of California.

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