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Meaning of Anti-Abortion Measure

October 06, 1985

If Susan Sassone's anti-abortion proposition (Sept. 30) is only to "stop the killing of innocent human life in California, the butchering of the babies," then I would strongly suggest that she clarify her initiative to state exactly that rather than circulating a proposal which includes vast implications.

Robert Sassone denies that this initiative would abolish abortion if the mother's life is in danger. If this is the case, then why not simply include that in the proposal so as not to leave any lingering doubts for those of us skeptics who will invariably attack at each and every point we can?

Every time I read about anti-abortion measures I am astounded at the ability of some people to gloss over past atrocities that have occurred to women when abortion has been outlawed.

Perhaps those who so strongly advocate anti-abortion should transfer their crusade to more intense methods of educating our children on the importance of properly using birth control, along with teaching basic defense and 'help' tactics in the case of incest or rape.

If women are not able to obtain abortion legally, they will obtain it in any way they can, whether through their own actions or through quacks, with the possibility of great harm to their bodies.

Isn't it better to leave the choice to each individual to evaluate their own emotional and financial stability and have abortion be a choice that can be utilized legally and safely with women protected by medical and social agencies?


Laguna Beach

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