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'Star Wars' Concept

October 06, 1985

The Times reportage of "Star Wars" by Robert Scheer (Sept. 22, 23 and 24) reveals that most of our physicists and scientists disagree with the Reagan Administration's "Star Wars"' concept.

This difference is best explained by Hans A. Bethe, Nobel laureate, a "giant of modern physics" and the most distinguished of our scientists. Bethe condemned President Reagan's "Star Wars" promise that it would render "impotent and obsolete" anti-satellite weapons. Bethe condemned this "political" appeal as false. He unequivocally states that "there is no realistic hope that we will be able ever again to protect American cities."

This opinion is held by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences and more than half of its members and most of its Nobel Prize winners who executed a petition for a ban on space weaponry.

Strange indeed that this coincides, in some measure, with the Russian existing unilateral ban on all space testing until Jan. 15, 1986.

With the heavens full of satellites and the seas awash with nuclear warships and the ocean depths crawling with submarines with missiles targeted at cities, what more is needed to destroy mankind?

The billions being spent on "Star Wars" can better serve the social needs of our country.


Los Angeles

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