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14th District Council Vacancy

October 08, 1985

I am writing in reply to Frank del Olmo's article (Editorial Pages, Sept. 26), "14th District Is No Place for Shifty Politics."

Once again, Del Olmo has managed to impale deeper the wedge that keeps the Hispanic community from uniting. Instead of focusing his article on Assemblyman Richard Alatorre's "maneuvering," Del Olmo should try to reinforce the positive aspect of getting a Latino elected to the Los Angeles City Council.

Del Olmo uses sensational works like "ploy," "Alatorre's power," "running scared" and "afraid" when making reference to Alatorre as a potential candidate for the 14th City Council District. I seriously have doubts and question Del Olmo on his accuracy, when referring to a man who has served his community for more than 13 years in public life as fearing the challenge of an election.

On the contrary, it has been through efforts by people like Rep. Edward R. Roybal (who first served on the City Council) and Assemblyman Alatorre, that made it easier for Latinos like state Sen. Art Torres, Assemblywoman Gloria Molina, Board of Education member Larry Gonzalez and most recently Community College Trustee Leticia Quezada to hold public office.

In establishing a "decent relationship" with Councilman Art Snyder, Alatorre once again proved he can work with the system to better the Eastside. Many Eastside residents as well as Northeast residents have great loyalty and respect for Councilman Snyder. He has provided the 14th Council District with many public improvements. In having the continuity of Snyder's influence, Alatorre would be taking a positive step in bringing the community together.

Instead of rubbing salt into wounds, which were first inflicted during the Snyder-Rodriguez campaigns, Del Olmo and the community should follow Alatorre's head. For once the Eastside should unite and "pull out the stops," showing the nation that the most heavily Latino district in Los Angeles can elect a politically seasoned person to represent them.


East Los Angeles

Baca is executive director of the Whittier Boulevard Merchants Assn.

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